Beatles Apple bicolor magnet Sergio Lanna

Details of the magnet:
dimensions 65x63 mm
apple thickness 4 mm
total thickness 5.7 mm
diameter of the magnet 16 mm Some slight deburring, which you can see in the photos, you can remove it later with a cutter.

To create the magnet in two colors, there are several ways, you can create two separate gcode or use the "pause plug-in" in Cura or use button for change the filament.

I strongly recommend printing through separate gcode (one for each print level), especially if you need to print more than two levels (colors), because it is a much more precise and reliable method and because you can print even days away from one level to another (without removing the part already printed from the print bed)

If you do not immediately print the next levels, it is advisable to heat the print bed, with the previously printed part, for a few minutes before printing.

The gcode files coming soon

Otherwise: basically, you just have to be there when the printer starts printing the writing level as soon as you see it starts to make B letter of the Beatles word yuo must press the button to change the filament, change the filament to the desired color (be careful not to move the extruder from its position) and press the button to restart printing. Please wait until printer start making the letter B (print at about 44%) otherwise you make the mistake I made with the first print (yellow apple with black writing), I had to put the previous filament back on and restart but some black stripes are remains visible in transparency.

You must purchase a 16 mm diameter magnet and insert it into the back hole. It should not be necessary to use glue, but if you need hot glue advice

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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