Zortrax M300 rotatable spool holder stv-is-it

Like the M200 version (https://www.redpah.com/product/4069/) but with the specific connector for the M300 printer.

VIDEO (M200 version): https://youtu.be/l7WOmbPqmVg

With this special spool holder, the reel of filament rotates almost without friction and
REDUCE THE EFFORT OF THE EXTRUDER MOTOR (hard with 2 Kg filament reels).

Thanks to the quick lock-unlock system and the LENGTH OF 70 mm, it is suitable for all types of Zortrax reels also for the 800 gr of M200.

FINAL ASSEMBLY VIDEO: https://youtu.be/kux0-8S_has

Screw countersunk head (1): 4.8x19 mm (like this: http://www.novarametalli.it/contents/media/vatpsph.jpg)

Layer: 0.19 mm (0.09 mm for Rotating Cylinders)
Infill: 40%
Material: Ultrat or ABS or Hips

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BearingCylinder.stl 49 KB
BearingCylinder_x15.stl 730 KB
ClosingDisc.stl 53 KB
LockUnlock.stl 11 KB
LockUnlock-pin.stl 34 KB
RotatableCylinder.stl 330 KB
Main_M300.stl 340 KB


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