Bathroom accessories complete set stv-is-it

Bathroom accessories, complete professional set (not toys).
Fully functional and usable.

- Double robe hook
- Towel bar 35 cm/14 inch (for printers with at least 30x30 cm of area)
- Soapdish holder
- Toilet brush holder (diameter 70 mm, 2.75 inch)
- Toilet paper holder - Vertical
- Toilet paper holder - Horizontal
- Toothbrushs holder
- Oral-B Toothbrushs holder

The elements can be fixed to the wall with 2 screws and the special rear recess allows the use of silicone or double-sided adhesive tape without seeing anything.
A small cover (the same for all the elements) allows to hide the screws and can be easily removed in case of need.
With acetone vapors or "XTC-3D resin" you can get a beautiful shiny industrial appearance and no one will say that you printed it in your home.

The production is optimized thanks to "Ring_Support" and "Glass_Container", parts used to compose different elements (see under).

Toothbrushs Holder: Ring_Support + Glass_Container + Toothbrushs_Cover
Oral-B Toothbrushs Holder: Ring_Support + Glass_Container + Tooth_OralB + OralB_Container
Soapdish holder. : RingSupport + Soapdish_Element
Toilet brush holder: Ring_Support + Glass_Container

Tips for printing:
To make everything more resistant, tilt the elements to be printed at 45°-50°, so there will be filaments that will better connect the hook to the fixed part on the wall (the .stl files are already set).

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Appendino-(Hook).stl 795 KB
Appendino-(Hook)_0.stl 795 KB
Bicchiere-(Glass_Container).stl 779 KB
Contenitore_OralB.stl 110 KB
Coperchietto_viti_0.stl 58 KB
Coperchietto_viti_x4.stl 231 KB
Porta_OralB-(Tooth_OralB).stl 534 KB
Porta_rotolo_O-(Paper_H).stl 601 KB
Porta_rotolo_O-(Paper_H)_0.stl 576 KB
Porta_rotolo_V-(Paper_V).stl 412 KB
Porta_rotolo_V-(Paper_V)_0.stl 412 KB
Porta_salvietta-(Towel_Bar).stl 824 KB
Porta_salvietta-(Towel_Bar)_0.stl 824 KB
Porta_sapone-(Soap).stl 669 KB
Porta_sapone-(Soap)_0.stl 669 KB
Portaspazzolini-(Toothbrushs).stl 397 KB
Supporto_anello-(Ring_Support).stl 905 KB
Supporto_anello-(Ring_Support)_0.stl 909 KB
Sapone_solo-(Soap_single).stl 499 KB
Sapone_solo-(Soap_single)_0.stl 498 KB
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