Kitchen lamp bernhard gross

Simple kitchen lamp 
for use with LED lamps G4 or similar type with 18 or more leds(from ebay) 
can be scaled
i use acrylic clear coat to make them shiny (and to seal them) 
can be "vapor polished" with extreme care 
if printed with single wall and wall thickness <0.4 mm these are almost seethrough 
i print these at 60mm/s or slower 
if one does not want the see through effect the inside can be painted with a matte spray or lined with something 
for more light on the table (or elsewhere) you ca either line the inside with aluminium foil or paint with reflective paint

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Uploaded 06/24/2014
lampe koekken.stl
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Really nice work!
Bernhard, fantastic outcome...absolutely love your reflective paint coating!
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