Adjustable PC Stand Mobile stv-is-it


Sturdy PC stand on wheels, permitting easy movement of the PC tower.
Accessing the cable connections and the rear is made considerably easier.
Suitable for all common PC towers (and other devices) adaptable to any size thanks to the possibility to choose the length of the arms.
Includes special rotatable grips to prevent the tower falling off during transportation and easily replaceable with others that you can design for your specific needs.
Stable X design and 5 castors or fixed feet.
Designed to integrate standard wheels with diametre pin 11 mm and tested with 40 kg (88.2 lb) without problems.
Easy to assemble, no glue required.


WHEELS (support pin Ø 11mm):

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Uploaded 05/9/2018
(+40).stl 295 KB
(+65).stl 295 KB
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(+115).stl 295 KB
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(+165).stl 295 KB
Base.stl 504 KB
Perni(x8).stl 272 KB
Piedini(x5).stl 517 KB
PioliGrandi(x4).stl 406 KB


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