Lower drip tray for Nespresso Krups Diezijner

A drip tray for the Nespresso Krups coffee machine. I found that on the original drip tray, you can't place your bigger mugs, because then it would touch the coffee 'extruder'. That's why I designed this smaller drip tray. It'll still catch all spilled coffee, but is a bit lower, so you can drink your coffee from your favorite big mug!

I splitted the model up in 2 pieces in order to make it easier to print. The two pieces have holes in them with which you can connect the two pieces to one and another using 2 pins which are also included. 

As you can see on the photo's everything fits very nice together, with minimal cleanup work to do for me. The only thing which could be somewhat challenging is inserting the pins in both the holes to connect the parts. Changes are very high that you'll need to clean-up those holes a bit. I used a small creme brulee torch to heat up the holes, and then inserted the pins. Finally you'll need some glue to bond them together as secure as possible, but really: all this won't take you more then a couple minutes.

It's best to print that 'hang-thingy' upside down. Then you could still use supports, but that isn't really mandatory. The drip tray itself you need to print upright off course, as well as the pins, and you need to print the drip tray cover upside down, but that's all very obvious.

You can see that I added some text to the inside of the drip tray, which means 'yak!!'. You could do that to yours as well of course!

Oh, and you need to duplicate the pins file, because you need two pins.

Good luck with your drip tray! If you have any questions, please ask me!

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Drip tray cover final.stl 26 KB
Drip tray final.stl 100 KB
Hangthingy final.stl 30 KB
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