Emoji faces keychain stv-is-it

The collection includes the following emojis (look at the table):


Thank you to Alex for idea.

Tip for printing:
tilt the medal by 55° (in this way you will improve the quality by reducing the layer and do not need support between the dug or embossed parts). The diameter of each "medal" is 30 mm, if you want a larger size (or smaller) you can change the scale before printing. The thickness is 4 mm (embossed elements excluded).

Post processing:
clean up imperfections and treated with acetone vapors to make it smoother (and nicer).

Infill: 30%
Layer: 0.2 mm

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the #9 is wrong
Now I check...
Now I check...
Strange, no one has given me problems, where is wrong? I tried now with "Autodesk Meshmixer ", "Zortraz Z-Suite " and "FlashForge FlashPrint" and everyone says OK.
However I redid a new Upload of the number 9.
Try it now. Bye
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