12 connector (10x 20AWG + 2x 16AWG) in-line wire plug Veloc

Current Status: Complete

This plug set was created out of a need for a quick, compact way to remove the hotend without using spade connectors (no commercially-available plug fit the size and pin density requirements).  This plug was designed for use at the effector-end of the whip (frame-end plug coming soonish).  Two inner holes for 18-16AWG heater wires, 10 outer holes for 20-24AWG fan/sensor/extruder wires.  Uses Molex pins for all connections: .062" pin sets for outer connectors, .093" pin sets for inner connectors (commonly available at any decent electronics supplier).

Wing notches added to female plug.  Final revision unless I notice a glaring error.

Note: Read print settings carefully - the settings listed are *required* for the plug to print properly with no hole breach.

Layer thickness works best between .1mm-.2mm, but can be thicker if desired with minor deformation.
Extrusion width MUST be .35mm or less, so a .4mm or smaller nozzle is REQUIRED.  If extrusion width is any larger, the slicer will fail to close the space between holes at the bottom of each plug, leading to gaps.  Some slicers can be forced to fill those gaps with extrusion width greater than .35mm, but this will cause the holes to become much smaller and deform into irregular shapes.

Suggested filament is ABS/ASA or Nylon (any grade).  I have not noticed any heat issues at the junction, but for safety's sake a plastic with high deformation and melting temps is preferred.  If the plug does heat up, PLA will deform, allowing pins to back out and short across each other.

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