Fluorescent Lamp "Saddlebag" Connector Bar Veloc

Simple bar connector for mounting two fluorescent light fixtures in a "saddlebag" configuration (center mount, side-by-side orientation). Should fit all typical T12 light fixtures designed for wall/ceiling mounting. 30mm end and center pads allow the use of most smaller fender washers, or most larger cut washers. Largest bolt diameter supported (without scaling) is M10/1/3". Bar should be assembled as indicated in photos - nut and washer in-between the base and spine. Top spine alleviates weight-related sagging.* Supports are required, but only for the center section.

  • Connectors in photos do sag slightly, due to very little infill and only a couple perimeters. However, the deflection is only a degree or two, and would be eliminated entirely with more infill.

Parts as-pictured were printed using Proto-Pasta v3 HTPLA. Any filament should work equally-well. Ballasts for the lights is centrally-located, and sinks heat out via the lamp body. Heat has not been great enough (2x 20w 24T12 bulbs per fixture) to cause any heat-related deflection issues. If you have some fluo fixtures that produce crazy amounts of heat, it would be a good idea to put an aluminum washer between the fixture body and the bolt pads.

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