Nespresso Above&Below capsules dispenser stv-is-it


The dispenser contains a full 10-capsule package and at least 10 sugar sticks.

The main element can be printed in 1 single piece (COMPLETE) or in 3 parts (CURVED, DOWN, UP) to be joined with glue.
For the single-piece version a Z-axis of at least 155 mm is required,
for the 3-part version the 125 mm Z-axis is sufficient.

Print the long parts vertically for better accuracy.

Use self tapping screws with head 5-6mm and 8-10mm long.

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z125_CURVE.stl 1 MB
z125_DOWN.stl 2 MB
z125_UP.stl 2 MB
z155_COMPLETE.stl 4 MB
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