CP2102 TTL to USB Programmer Case Devin Watson

Due to manufacturing differences, I noticed that my CP2102 programmer wouldn't fit the case designs already out there.

So I set about creating my own from scratch in OpenSCAD. One that would allow for these manufacturing differences/defects, but also allow a snug, snap-fit design with nice viewing windows for pin labels on the bottom and LEDs on the top. 38 versions later, and here it is. Instead of screws, this design uses built-in pins in M3-sized holes. The pins are slightly smaller in diameter than the holes to allow for a decent, snap-tight fit.
I've uploaded a second which may be useful if you're having a loose fit for your CP2102 programmer. The files ending in v39 have smaller pin tolerances for the upper and a small extra plate at the front of the bottom piece to level it out if the pins on the bottom of the board in the rear are longer than the ones in the front.

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