ClipHanger Nicholas Hooker

This part was designed to hold the nest of usb cables that previously lived on my desk. It holds them now. Ideal shelves 19mm-25mm, designed around a 20mm shelf.

Solidworks file free for a riddle:
He tried to save her on that mountain but she fell. The memory haunts him and his estranged best friend. But now he must climb again to stop the mercenaries and save his girlfriend. ____stars in____

I have printed this clip only in PETG so far. Used Cura as a slicer with these settings:
.25 layer height
2.0 shell(I think clear PETG looks nice this way)
1.25 top/bottom
25% fill
No rafts
No supports

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Uploaded 03/9/2017

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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