Amazon Dot Star Trek Shuttle Holder David Hart

A holder for your Amazon Echo in the share of the Star Trek Shuttle Galielo.

I've split the design into 3 pieces for easy printing.

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Uploaded 02/14/2017

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Modular - Updated Center - Star Trek Shuttle Craftr Alexa.stl 849 KB
Modular-Left-Star Trek Shuttle Craft Echo Dot Holder.stl 160 KB
Modular-right-Star Trek Shuttle Craft Echo Dot Holder.stl 161 KB


I had no issue printing this orientated right side up on my Davinci Duo as a single print. Print with supports .2 and at 30mm/s.
Be careful how you print this. I have asked questions about this, but never received an answer. The engines I printed with supports, and were a mess to clean up. Still working on them. The body, I printed as orientated which was upside down. Big Mistake. I suggest printing it right side up.
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