Walkera Runner 250 Racing Drone Full Replacement Shell Version 2 Michael

This is the second version of my Walkera Runner 250 full replacement frame. I found that my first version of my frame was kind of heavy so my goal with this one was to get it as light as I could while still being a strong frame. This frame actually came out weighing less than an original Runner weighing in at just 450g. I think it has a bit of a punchier flying feeling to it than the original.
I used all M3-8MM screws for everything except the 4 screws holding the upper and lower frame parts together, I used 16mm screws there but I think 18mm screws would have been easier. I got all the screws, nuts, and washers at my local Home Depot.

Steps for instillation:

  1. Screw the camera to the main body using a screw on either side.
  2. Screw the landing gear and bottom frame together using the M3-8mm screws and nuts.
  3. Screw the 4 arms to the body using the M3-8mm screws, nuts, and washers.
  4. Screw the antenna holder bridge on the main body using M3-8mm screws and nuts.
  5. Assemble your power distribution board with the VTX, Flight controller, Receiver, and front and rear lights. Screw it to the top frame with the 2 screw holes on the side.
  6. Attach and screw in the ESC's and motors.
  7. Screw the bottom frame with the landing gear to the top frame using the M3-18mm screws and nuts.
  8. Plug in a battery and you are set to go!

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bottom_v4_runner_250_frame.stl 143 KB
top_v4_runner_250_frame.stl 490 KB
v4_runner_250_front_wing.stl 197 KB
v4_runner_250_rear_wing.stl 229 KB
v4_runner_landing_gear.stl 49 KB
v4_runner_light_spacer.stl 9 KB


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