Holiday Lantern - Star Trek Panels David Hart

It being the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek I created these themed panels for the Holiday Lantern. Now you can give one as a gift to your favorite Geek :-)These are panels for the holiday Lantern located here --->

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Uploaded 12/11/2016
Holiday_Lantern_-_Star_Trek_Panels.stl 995 KB
Holiday_Lantern_-_Star_Trek_Panels_1.stl 374 KB
Holiday_Lantern_-_Star_Trek_Panels_2.stl 85 KB
Holiday_Lantern_-_Star_Trek_Panels_3.stl 95 KB
Holiday_Lantern_-_Star_Trek_Panels_4.stl 131 KB
Holiday_Lantern_-_Star_Trek_Panels_5.stl 151 KB
Holiday_Lantern_-_Star_Trek_Panels_6.stl 182 KB


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