Walkera F150 Rodeo Frame/ Body/ Shell replacement Michael

Introducing the Rodeo F165. I bought a pretty beat up Walkera F150 Rodeo and developed a 3D Printed frame/ body for it. I transferred all the internal components from the original F150 into my 3D printed frame. My goal was to make it have a lower stance and have all the components stacked centrally for good weight distribution. I printed this one up in glow in the dark filament to make it look cool at night. It weighs just a smidgen less than the original frame when printed at 5% infill. It is also very easy to take apart to replace parts.
There are 2 different frame designs based on which ever model you have. The original Walkera F150 had longer screws which is what I made my original design from. I bought a new screw set and found that the motor screws were a bit shorter so I made the 125 version for 1.25 mm shorter motor mounts. Download which ever is right for your screws.
I have a short flight video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=na-7ma8ybe0&feature=youtu.be

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f150_replacement_shell.stl 2 MB
f150_replacement_shell_125_motors.stl 2 MB
f150_replacement_shell_top.stl 1 MB
f150_shell_battery_box_v2.stl 323 KB
f150_vtx__fc_stand.stl 291 KB


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