BeeRotor X200 Front Cover Chris Gundry

This was a design I mocked up to cover the front of the BeeRotor X200 to stop grass and water etc getting in so easily. It isn't perfect but it works. I have the hole in the front set for my flight controller USB which is at that height because it is setup with standoffs, PDB, standoffs then the SPR F3 FC on top. There is a cut out at bottom of the front part that allows for the routing of the ESC cables into the main body of the quad.

I have attached a before an after photo of my quad with this on...
This part matches up nicely with my HS1177 camera mount for the X200 to cover the front of the quad and mount the camera securely.

There are two holes in the sides of the frame and the two 'lugs' on the part fit in these two holes. The fitment is tight and pushes against my custom HS1177 camera mount above. If you are using the stock carbon camera mount I don't know if this part would fit or not, likely it would if you have the camera mount with the little bump upwards but I can't guarantee it because I don't use it at all

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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