Garbage bag holder incl. lid salvador-richter

This holder for a garbage bag is specially designed to fit Germans "Yellow bags".
I created this one because I had trouble with all free standing holders I bought, and I would like to have one to be fitted on the wall, but there was no one like this to buy.The holder works for bags with 120cm extend.
There are lot of files due limited size of print bed is 20 X 20, so I printed 6 parts and some "clips" to glue the single parts together.Also a pin is added for the pin joint.Have fun with it!You need another extend?No problem, send me a note or leave a comment and I will check to create it.

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Uploaded 07/11/2016

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

GelbSackHalter_01_AllInclLid.stl 766 KB
GelbSackHalter_01_AbdeckungClip.stl 6 KB
GelbSackHalter_01_AbdeckungLeft.stl 74 KB
GelbSackHalter_01_AbdeckungRight.stl 75 KB
GelbSackHalter_01_Bottom.stl 139 KB
GelbSackHalter_01_BottomLeft.stl 72 KB
GelbSackHalter_01_BottomRight.stl 71 KB
GelbSackHalter_01_ClipsBottom.stl 5 KB
GelbSackHalter_01_ClipTop.stl 3 KB
GelbSackHalter_01_LidLeft.stl 78 KB
GelbSackHalter_01_LidRight.stl 79 KB
GelbSackHalter_01_Pin.stl 90 KB
GelbSackHalter_01_Top.stl 194 KB
GelbSackHalter_01_TopLeft.stl 136 KB
GelbSackHalter_01_TopRight.stl 134 KB
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