Number Keychain/Tag[1-15] Gunjan Rawal

Medium Sized square number keychain.Here Numbers from 1 to 15 are included.
Rafts: Doesn't Matter
Supports: Doesn't Matter
Infill: 10% or above
For demo model of 1 Number keychain download from here

If you want any specific number, please let me know in the comments.

Price $0.99
Category Art
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Uploaded 07/4/2016

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Number 1.stl 14 KB
Number 2.stl 21 KB
Number 3.stl 28 KB
Number 4.stl 15 KB
Number 5.stl 22 KB
Number 6.stl 24 KB
Number 7.stl 16 KB
Number 8.stl 27 KB
Number 9.stl 26 KB
Number 10.stl 23 KB
Number 11.stl 18 KB
Number 12.stl 25 KB
Number 13.stl 32 KB
Number 14.stl 19 KB
Number 15.stl 26 KB
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