4 Different Neurotransmitter Necklaces Mid-Ohio Area Robotics

  • A collection of necklaces based on the atomic structure of neurotransmitters in the human brain.
    • Adrenaline
      Produced in stressful or exciting situations. Increases heart rate & blood flow, leading to a physical boost & heightened awareness.
    • Noradrenaline
      Affects attention & responding to actions in the brain, and involved in fight or flight response. Contracts blood vessels, increasing blood flow.
    • Dopamine
      Feelings of pleasure, and also addiction, movement, and motivation. People repeat behaviors that lead to dopamine release.
    • Serotonin
      Contributes to well-being & happiness. Helps sleep cycle & digestive system regulation. Affected by exercise and light exposure

No Support, No Raft, Any layer height. You should use at least a .4mm nozzle if not smaller.

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