Spacer 10 mm for HEQ5 belt modification kit LECA Philippe

This spacer is thicker (10mm) than the original one provided by Rowan Asronomy (7mm).
On my personnal HEQ5, the original one was too thin, that is why I  designed a thicker one.
Three files are proposed :
- the spacer in one piece, that may not fit your printer's bed,
- the spacer in two pieces, that may be printed by usual printer's.

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Uploaded 05/28/2016

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

spacer-HEQ5-10mm.stl 695 KB
spacer-HEQ5-10mm-1of2.stl 269 KB
spacer-HEQ5-10mm-2of2.stl 426 KB
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