Guidescope bracket with pointer/red-spot dovetail LECA Philippe

This bracket is designed for a 50x9 mm finderscope or 50mm f/3.2 guidescope.
It is a customization of the Skywatcher's one, with a shorter foot.
Comparison of weight :
- usual metal bracket : 145 g
- PLA 3D printed one : 70 g
An additional socket allow the bracket to be clamped with a standard photo-ball-head.
The particuarity of this bracket is the dovetail one the left side, on which to attach an additional laser or a red-dot pointer.
Very useful to lighten a nomad astrophotography setup.

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Uploaded 05/21/2016

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

guidescope_bracket-V2.stl 2 MB
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