HeadTracking IR_LED 3Point nishiki

This description is not multiplied by interpreting machine in Japan
AAA batteries 1 and the Web camera, the same guest among the free software you can enjoy the HeadTracking.
Mounting, after the rail was set screw to the headphone, headphones to the detachablebody at the touch of a button
IR-LED × of material 3 AAABatteryBOX × 1 web camera electrical cable toggle switchhttp://rockhopper.xyz/2016/03/12/headtrackingdiy/


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FaceTrackingIR-Body-A4.stl 582 KB
FaceTrackingIR-BodyCover-A4.stl 59 KB
FaceTrackingIR-Mount-A1.stl 36 KB
FaceTrackingIR-Mount-stopper-A1.stl 46 KB
FaceTrackingIR-Picatinny rail-60.stl 61 KB


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