Barrel Mug anidatech

File: Barrel Mug.stl
Name: Barrel Mug
PLA Material: 65.05 grams ( 0.143 lbs)
Infill = 10%
Size: 85.91 mm (3.38") x 66 mm (2.60") x 77.47 mm (3.05")
Resolution: 0.20mm
Layers: 393 layers
Rafts: Yes
Supports: No
Print Time: 6 hr 27 min
Function: This is a barrel shaped mug.  You should be careful putting hot liquids into PLA - perfect for alcoholics that want to carry their beer around the office.  For best results, spray this with FDA approved silicone to seal it.  The handle is designed so it can be printed without supports.  It can be printed at any scale but if you print is 1:1 then it will be about 2.60" (66mm) around and about 3.05" (78mm) tall.

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Uploaded 04/18/2016

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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