Double Travel Camera Slider Laggylarry

3d Printable Double Travel Camera Slider.Uses 1/2" copper pipeHard Ware Needed
4 1/2 copper pipe
gt2 timing belt
18x 608
8x 1.5in/30mm 5/16 counter sunk
2x 1.25in/25mm 5/16
10x nut 5/16
8x 23mm m3
8x nut m3Working on V2 now that only uses 2 pipes

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Uploaded 04/7/2016
608Spacer.stl 49 KB
cap.stl 7 MB
gt2.stl 186 KB
Lock.stl 413 KB
plate.stl 645 KB
Slider Double travel.stl 25 MB
wheel.stl 548 KB
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