DeskOrbe v1.5 (Pieces) JoseMoreno

NOTE: This object comes in parts in order to be printed on machines that use ABS mesh as support material (or any non soluble support material).  To print the single object DeskOrbe, visit

3 concentric geometries fixed on the same axis, combines the mechanics of 5 separate gears and visual aesthetics inspired by nature to create a beautiful, rotating desk-toy. 
Makes a great gift for anyone that owns a desk. 
This is my first project as an 18 year old college bound student using Autocad for 3 months, feel free to message me suggestions and comments.  All funds from the purchase of this DeskOrbe will go towards the pursuit of funding my college education.

Email me with questions:

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Uploaded 06/2/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

base.stl 10 MB
cage.stl 19 MB
gears.stl 5 MB
internal.stl 56 MB


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