Hermaphroditic connector (The 69 Connector) atanasovgoran

Too Bad I can't put a price lower that 0.99 I would charge 0.69 for this one :PHermaphroditic Connector Use the same connector on both sides.
~11A per Pin (read Instructions) I needed a connector for my bed, and decided to design one in a way that i can print it twice and finish the connection, since I had the metal parts (connectors? Pins? don't know how they are called), but I didn't have the Plastic parts, i decided to use them in the Design for the connection. Also the is a hole in the middle that you can use to hot glue a pin headers for the thermistor, and easily disconnect both of them at the same time. NOTE: The tolerances for the Molex pins are quite right, they can't get of from the back, but they can from the front of the connector.

  1. Print the connector twice
  2. Use the pins from a Molex connector, you can order them stand alone from eBay*
    (See the photos for were to put male and female parts)
  3. If you want to actually use it as a Hermaphroditic(Sexless) connector, then you have to connect the two middle pins together and the two outer pins together. **
  4. Connect them, I guess :P
  5. *Since we use a Molex Pins they can handle 11Amps per Pin, If you find other pins that fit which are able to handle more Amps, please inform me.

** In this configuration it will handle double the Amperage of the individual pins.

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