Earbud Cable Holder hpaul

30% fill, 0 extra shells works fine.Drop the earbuds in the recesses and start wrapping the cable by bringing it down and under the lip, continue to the right, then up again, catching it in the right slot, then left and over the buds and down through the left slot. Hold the spooler and wrap the cable until the jack is close to the farthest hole it will reach. If it won't quite reach, unspool about a half turn, insert the jack, then roll the loose cable over the bottom lip, using the bottom slots if it won't fit over the whole spool.For earbuds with a control module on the cord, use a bottom slot to bring the module to the rear and across, then back through the opposite bottom slot to continue wrapping the cord.

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nice design
Nice! Looks better than the one that comes with a famous $600 phone.
Nice! Looks than the one that comes with a famous $600 phone.
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