Elvis Skull hpaul

Why “Elvis”? Check out the sneer! Print at 10% fill with zero extra shells. I used natural ABS which is close to bone color. Printed without supports, "Elvis upright" will drop some loose threads from the lower rear portion of the skull and the cheekbones, both easily cleaned up. "Elvis tilted" has a flattened back and should print cleanly. Both are scaled to fit a 110mm x 110mm print bed, but reducing the scale results in sizes useful for different purposes, down to about 30% for a tiny one or, on a large enough print bed, scaled up to a life size skull. The stl file "Elvis key fob" is a tiny skull that prints tilted with a hole in the top and a slot in the base. To make it into a keychain, use a piece cut from 3mm jewelry chain about 1-3/8" long. To one end, attach a 6mm jump ring (small enough to fit through the bottom slot). Feed a thin wire through the top hole and down through the bottom hole. Hook the wire into the end of the chain and close the hook (an open hook will hang on loose threads inside the skull). Pull them both through the holes again, dragging the chain up through the top of the skull and bringing the jump ring inside the skull. Detach the wire and use another jump ring at the free end to attach a keyring.

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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