Deadpool belt logo - awesomeness on your pants! Norbert

Deadpool logo which can be attached to your belt! How awesome!! Yay! ^_^

Made in honor to our beloved killing machine, this is a logo which resembles the one in the movie costume on his belt.
With the difference that it is not the buckle itself, but you can attach it to your belt through the hole at the back of the logo.

The belt can have maximum 3 cm width, and should not be too thick.
But of course the model can be resized.

Printing the parts separately and assembling them
Print out the three colors separately: red, black, silver (this can be white if you like)

Watch out for the big bridge in the red part!
There will be strings bent down, unless you have a printer with 2 heads and soluble support material. For most of us this is not available, so be aware of the mess under that bridge, and clean it up.
Print this part out first, and test your belt. If it gets stuck anywhere, you can remove material from there. The back of the logo is not visible, and the other parts will cover up any mess inside.

Print out the other parts, and assemble the logo.
Ideally they should fit in with enough strength applied and get stuck there, no glue needed.
Otherwise you need to do some glueing if they fall apart easily, or sand the edges if they can't be pushed together.

Printing the combined logo
If you want to print the whole thing in one piece and paint it afterwards, feel free to download the "combined" version.

There will be a huge hole inside, which will act as a big bridge, so do this if you:

  • don't want to put in on your belt, or
  • you have a printer with 2 heads and soluble support material.

Without the soluble support the inside will be a mess, and you won't be able to push your belt through. It won't be easy to clean up the hole.

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