Star Wars Imperial Binders Grey_Starr

UPDATE: 3 Options available.

Binders1 is meant to be a one piece print with a built in hinge. Not sure how well that works in some prints - but those with support materials should be fine (like the one I use most Objet24)

(Untested) Binders2 has the parts needed to assemble together to make a complete Binders. So with a hinge pin to be glued in.

Plus for convenience, I have now included the 3 parts that are used to make the Binders as well.  

You will need to put foam inside for comfort of the "prisoners" - I planed for 1" thick soft black.

There are holes in the "clasp" area to glue in std 2mm Dia x 3mm magnets to hold it closed. ( ... or drill it to fit 3x3 magnets (

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