Thinking Cleaner for iRobot Roomba 700 or 800 Abraham Elderman

Guide to make the Thinking Cleaner 500/600 fit on a Roomba 700 or 800 series: 

(this is a modification on a existing product you have or can buy)

The heart of Thinking Cleaner is a small electronics circuit board (PCB) which is located in the plastic faceplate. You will have to remove the PCB from the faceplate (sorry, no warranty anymore) . 
Thinking Cleaner for Roomba 500/600 is available on: Amazon USA,
and Robot parts

We have few pictures to show you how to remove the PCB from the plastic faceplate. With a sharp knife you can easily cut the rubber glue that was used to attach the board. The glue is positioned in the four corners and in the centre of the gap. You have to cut the glue in all four corners before you can pull out the board.Then 3D print the Roomba 700 or 800 cap to protect the board and use double sided tape to fix it on the Roomba. There is a slight difference because the handle of both units is a bit different.
The best way to print it is with the hollow part down and use support structures. You can print it upside down but the result wil be esthetically less pleasing. We have used a Makerbot Replicator, FabTotum and Ultimaker to print this cap. On the different machines you will have to turn the object in Z-direction to make it fit.
When the cap is printed you can use sandpaper to finish and polish the top.There is an instruction video for how to fit the printed cap on your Roomba:

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