X900 Tricopter Motor Mount Neal O'Brien

I have had trouble with the X900 motor mounts breaking, and to replace them with the original pieces I needed to by an entire $30 kit which took forever to ship. So instead of wasting my money on something I could fix I fixed it. I believe these are much more durable than the previous motor mounts, however I have not yet tested their durability. All I know of now is that they fit very nicely on the tricopter maybe with a little sanding, but there is no need to purchase new motor screws because they were designed with all of that in mind. They are however missing the smaller set of holes, because I designed them to fit my motors, but I dont believe somebody would be using the other holes because the frame is so big as it is, but if you want me to upload a smaller hole version just comment about it. These motor mounts are secured at 2 points and use the durability of the thicker material around it to support it. Print settings do not matter, however I used 0.2mm layer height at about 50% infill and got nice results. You may want to increase infill to make it more durable.

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