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My wife still uses a flip phone. She refuses to go the way of a smartphone! She wanted a phone clip which she could clip onto her pant or jeans pocket and let the phone hang down below her blouse or shirt thus avoiding the 'phone bulge'.

This is my first stab at it and it could use some work. The style of phone clip is one where you stick a button to the back of the phone and then you slide the phone, via the button onto the clip. I used 3m double stick tape which I bought from my local Ace Hardware store to stick the button onto the phone.

When you print this, you will need to cut or dremel the supports off of the button track (see photo). I also had to sand the button shaft a little but I think that's because I had the heat turned up too high when I printed it in PLA and so the shaft diameter spread wider than expected. I uploaded the photos of the clip.

Please keep in mind this is the prototype and so I printed it in Blue and I scratched the clip when I took the supports out. I have a couple revisions to make and when I do I will update the STL file/s.

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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