Skipper XL FPV Canopy daniel

This is a complete FPV Canopy for the Skipper XL, it's close the same as you can buy in Hobbyking, it fits very well together and perfectly on the plane, just add your gear and lift off.

Print part 2 twice
Print part 3 twice
Print part 5 twice
Print part 10 twice

I used 10% infill with 0.25 layer height

You just need to CA glue together and install some anti vibration rubbers between part 8 and 9

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Uploaded 12/17/2015
Teil 1.stl 194 KB
Teil 2.stl 45 KB
Teil 3.stl 17 KB
Teil 4.stl 4 KB
Teil 5.stl 4 KB
Teil 6.stl 76 KB
Teil 7.stl 72 KB
Teil 8.stl 74 KB
Teil 9.stl 74 KB
Teil 10.stl 3 KB
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