ball popper eonbrony

we all played with it. that little push toy vacuum that made a pop and made some balls fly.I created this in remembrance of will need
1 of everything except for the ball you can have as much of those as you like and the dome needs to be made out of clear plastic.also if the coiled ring fails you can always use a spring.
you will also need to glue the compressor to the plate after assembling and then glue in the dome to the base after you add what you want to pop(da merbels)

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plate.stl 18 KB
hand.stl 91 KB
dome.stl 243 KB
compresser.stl 21 KB
coiled ring.stl 94 KB
base.stl 170 KB
ball.stl 65 KB
axle.stl 12 KB
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