Voronoi sticky notes dispenser Ariel

This Post-it dispenser is designed to be printed in two colors with a double extruder printer, but can also be printed in one color.

If you want to print it in two colors, print the files post -it dispenser_body.stl and post -it dispenser_optional voronoi.stl together. If you have only one extruder, don't print the Optional Voronoi file. It works in PLA and ABS.

Glue the vase and the body together using Super Glue

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Uploaded 11/29/2015

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

post_-it_dispenser_body.stl 1 MB
post_-it_dispenser_base.stl 940 KB
post_-it_dispenser_optional_voronoi.stl 89 KB
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