Minygun Paul M

This will make a basic minygun, you will need to print the rotor and barrel twice other than that print everything once and just assemble, depending on your printer you might have to sand the parts to make them fit. I will upload a free stand for it in a few days

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Uploaded 10/26/2015

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

gat gun right ammo 2.stl 189 KB
gat gun right ammo 1.stl 891 KB
gat gun right attach.stl 347 KB
gat gun right bottom.stl 2 MB
gat gun right top.stl 2 MB
gat gun left attach.stl 347 KB
gat gun left ammo 2.stl 892 KB
gat gun left ammo 1.stl 189 KB
rotor.stl 1 MB
barrel.stl 13 MB
gat gun left bottom.stl 2 MB
gat gun left top.stl 2 MB
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