AK47 Kalashnikov PSG-1 based Steady Grip 3dPrintedStuff

AK47 Grip Based on PSG-1 Style Grip
Steady and secure hold
Fit tested on orginal russian AK47.
After print some small rework could be needed (this is dependent on 3d printer setup): removing support, smoothing out support contact regions, redrilling of bolt hole if bolt dont fits.
Additional tips: For secure hold on print bed while printing and to eliminate floating edges use strong hairspray, 2 layers on print region and one schortly before printer starts to print.
To smooth out your work 1h in acetone fumes than 1h on free air to cure out. 
Grip on photo wasnt smothed nor reworked only support material was removed.
Details to setup Your printwork as pdf.

Its good idea to add washer to orginal bolt to prevent damage of contact suface.

Printed with ABS : 20% infill and 5 perimeters, if desired increase to add strength
****More parts coming soon****

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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