AG GoPro Hero4 Frame Antigravity Racing

A GoPro Frame for the Hero 4.

  • two versions to choose from:
    1) has the usb/memory slot covered and protected
    2) has a cutout for access to the usb port and memory slot
  • fits like a glove! it will snugly wrap around your GoPro
  • very strong and has no clips to break off

"Antigravity" Things have been designed by Anthony Kwon. Things have been printed, used, and redesigned until they are deemed ready to be shared. Always welcome your feedback to improve my designs.

Price Free
Category Hobby
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Uploaded 10/3/2015

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

AG GOPRO Frame _usb covered.stl
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AG GOPRO Frame_usb hole.stl
(3 MB)
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