Mathematical Sandcastles Brando0501

This was my entry for the thingiverse Summer Math challenge. 

I basically crammed in as many math related ideas as possible. King and Queen's Castle- they like to show their power so a model of the equation y=x^2 (power of 2) is built into the castle. Princess's Tower- The princess is very beautiful so she fittingly has a tower that has many parts that follow the golden ratio. This ratio is approximately 1.618 and has been used in architecture since ancient times as it is said to make things look beautiful. This ratio is determined by a segment A having the same ratio to segment B as B does to A + B. Prince's House- The prince is a pretty cool dude but he's stuck in the 90's and still uses the word radical to say awesome. His house matches this and is shaped like a radical (square root symbol). There are also some numbers and symbols on top to easily stamp into the sand. Wall/Moat- The wall is designed after a sine wave(or cosine depending on your view) from 0 to pi. It can also be flipped into a moat with tessellated crocodiles to protect the kingdom. Dragon Curve Flag- Castle's are medieval and so are dragons soit just made sense to have a flag with the dragon curve on it flying over the kingdom. Jester's Abstract Die- the Jester is a crazy fellow always thinking of wondrous things, some of which he put onto a die. (There is a normal and flipped one to use as die or display and the other for stamping the sand) Jester's Schrodinger Shovel- Another of the jester's wild ideas. Though more physics related this double sided shovel displays an alive cat on one end and a dead one on the other to honor Schrodinger's Cat. You'll never know what end your using unless you look! Triangle Factorial Village- The king and queen needed order in their kingdom but they also wanted a large one as well, so they designed it as a triangle factorial that way half the land would be open for enjoyment and it would always be orderly no matter how large.

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Cool design!
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