Spinning Earphone Cord Winder DesignSpark

Wrap your earphones around this device to keep them neat and stop them from tangling in your pocket. Built with a spinning unraveling mechanism to allow for quick and easy access to your earphones.

For best results print vertical with supports and rafts. Once its complete carefully cut away the visible supports using a knife. Twist the two parts then using the knife or sandpaper remove the rest of the remaining supports and bits that could obstruct the spinning. Spin the two pieces back and forth to erode away any internal supports and obstructions in the cavity. After a few twists it will be smooth enough to use with your earphones.

Check out the video of the journey from concept to 3D print - 

For more information read the invention journey at DesignSpark -http://www.rs-online.com/designspark/electronics/eng/blog/an-engineers-journey-from-unique-concept-to-3d-print

The winder was created using DesignSpark Mechanical.To download the free CAD package click the link below - 

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