Fully 3d Printed Spool Holder Aidan Wilson

This spool holder can hold any sized roll less than 10.5 CM tall. This is made from all 3d printed parts.

To assemble, print 1 base, 2 rollers, and 2 adjustable roller holders. Start by attaching a roller to the base by feeding the 1.75mm filament through the holes in the side of the base and through the roller until it reaches the other side. Than cut the end so it sticks out of both ends about 2 mm. Do the same with a second roller and the 2 filament roller holders. Your done! Adjust the second roller and put your filament on top.


 if you want to decrease the probability of the filament coming out of the roller get a Tupperware container and put some acetone and ABS scraps inside. it should make a paste. put some on the outside of the base to connect it to the filament. Do the same to the other side.

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