MI health tracker necklace adapter Sujit

For many who have recently bought the MI Band might be wondering how to put it on your necklace instead of wearing it on your wrist.Wait no more! Print this necklace adapter and the MI tracker module will simply snap to it.I have designed this considering that we have to take it out for charging. So you could simply twist the tracker module from the open end and it pop out easy.I have been wearing this around my neck and have updated the band location as "Neck" in the MI Fit app. The reading from the neck is more accurate and reliable. Also this necklace adapter hides comfortably behind your clothing from the awkward staring of strangers, but in case you want to show off your tracker, this will come in handy as the design is minimalist.

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Uploaded 07/13/2015

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

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