Ps3 Controller Wall/Furniture Mount Roger Morales

So like most women, my wife thought putting all of my gaming controllers would look nice in a corner inside a beautiful wicker basket.Well I say NO! Every time I had to go looking for the controllers it was like looking in a black hole. The worst part is the dam thing was in front of me the whole time. Don't even get me started when I am playing online and my battery starts to run low. OMG! Finding a cable in there is near impossible. By the time I find the cable, yup you guessed it, " Round Over" Argh!I saw many different variations here in Thingiverse but none like this. I created a bracket to hold my Ps3 controllers along with their charging cables. Yup it is screwed into the wall unit in our family room. Muah hahahahaha! Wicker basket pffft! None the less here you go if anyone wants it.PS: I am not sleeping on the couch tonight for mounting them on the wall unit. Nope, this one calls for the dog house outside! Meh she will get over it!


Just adjust it on your printing software. I use Solidworks to design it and Makerware to print it. I turn it around and lay it on its side so that I do not have to print with support. My infill is set to 30% and I printed these with PLA.

The screw covers are a separate file.

Any questions feel free to ask.

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