iStein Drink Caddy Mutant Design

Have a drink the new old fashioned way with iStein, the world’s smartest and most versatile stein. Simply insert your drink and you’re ready to go with its highly accurate 3D design. iStein keeps your drink cool and your hand warm in true medieval style while providing you a sturdy handle to cheers your mates.

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Spills and accidents are a thing of the past with iStein's sturdy base that allows you to slide your drink across the bar without losing a drop, not to mention you will never have to use a coaster again! Snap on interchangable sigils provide the perfect way to customize your iStein and pledge your allegence to your house. Design your own or choose from our designs to make your stein stand out.

iSteins optional security lid is designed to keep your can safe from pesky insects, people and spills. Cover your lid anytime you leave your drink un-attended for peace of mind and a nice cool drink when you return. Don't forget that you can open and close your lid with the flick of a finger with your iSteins heavy duty lid hinge. (small bolt required)

Wrap your hand around the large ergonomic handle that keeps your hand warm while keeping your drink cool. We have made it strong enough to take a big cheers too! Integrated cooling bands capture the cold coming off your can and lock it in to keep your drink cooler for even longer. You can even use a koozie/stubby holder to securely fit smaller bottles in.

Then when drinks are over iStein transforms into a medieval style lantern. Place a tea light candle into the cutout in the base and light it for a warm light. Great for camping as a hand warmer and lantern, iStein can also be used to warm up and cook small amounts of food (small can required).

Get your iStein now and start sipping in style!

Centimeters: 9.70 w x 13.50 l x 14.80 h
Inches : 3.81 w x 5.31 d x 5.82 h 

This product has been given some clearance to its diameter for slightly larger cans but can also be scaled up or down to fit any size drink. This product has been modeled around the Australian measurements for a standard coke can (65mm x 65mm x 130mm). 

Please use this product carefully and do not leave unattended or close lid with candle lit inside. Failure to do so could result in damage to the product or worse.

Copyright (c) Chris Czech 2015

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This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

iStein [] - Eagle Sigil.stl 341 KB
iStein [] - Stein Body.stl 914 KB
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