E3d v6 hotend mount for Orca 0.4x Adrian Coysh

This is a modification to allow mounting of an e3d v6 hotend to an orca 0.4x.
The top and bottom mount have filament guides, so that when there is no filament loaded, the bearing rests against these and makes it easy to load new filament, however, because of this, only use this on a 3mm hotend. I will make a 1.75mm version, if anyone wants it.
This does involve drilling the extruder mounting plate.
To load new filament, just push the filament down into the hole at the top of 'v10 top' and turn the drive gear forward.Update 18/04/2015 - uploaded new extruder bases that I've been using for a while. They fully support the filament all the way, and the bolt holes for the bottom piece are now fully counterbored and surrounded by plastiic - the old ones could splay when doing them up.

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hotend mount v2.STL
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