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1-Print All Parts


2- Find a used Blade From an exacto or any other blade from a disposable Blade knife.


3- Bring down the blade to about 10 mm and if you have the dexterity make it a     triangle shape (be careful not to hurt yourself)


4-Use a scalpel or any other knife you do not mind heating the tip of it and after heating it, you use it to make a cavity that will receive the blade that you have prepared.


5-Insert the blade and use some glue to fix it there (I used Kafuter UV Glue, you can get some from EBay and also the UV Flashlight)


6-you will need to sand just a bit the shaft from Shaft "B" to have a snug fit, for those who wonder why I made a groove and slut in Shaft "A" ,it is to make it easier to assemble both shaft together as there is no air pressure staying inside ...


7-To use take as much solder as you need then hold the spool and pull down the solder on the Sharp edge of the Blade... Careful again not to put your fingers on the sharp edge...



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