Phone Amplifier Colton Feirer

This is a great design I printed for my friends.

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Uploaded 12/5/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

Oneplus_One_Amplifier_Dock_MKII322c2d52404444517de3840ebb994d83-OneplusDockMKII.stl 123 KB
Oneplus_One_Amplifier_Dock_MKII41654794e05067a66a698d3f5b026792-Logo_DOCK.stl 34 KB
Oneplus_One_Amplifier_Dock_MKIId1efbb58f6af7d74443ef76db08a8235-OnePlusDockMKII_case.stl 114 KB
Oneplus_One_Amplifier_Dock_MKII767764359e17a3aa2a5984609ef3ad60-DockMKII_Normal_Case.stl 117 KB
Oneplus_One_Amplifier_Dock_MKIIe29d963d956aead857893d9f0428c99e-Flip_Cover.stl 111 KB
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