Skywalker X5 Bungee Hook RcHobbysUK

This is a hook designed for the Skywalker X5 for use with a Bungee Launcher.
The STL Files are in the correct oriantation for 3D Printing.

find a suitable location on the underside of the x5 in-front of the CG (Centre of gravity) and mark the extruding foam needed to be cut out after the foam has been removed, fix the X5 hook to the bottom using double sided tape to hold in place.
Use a 3mm long drill bit and push it through the X5 hook hole and turn by hand slowly with little force until you break through into the compartment bay (Keep the drill bit as vertical as possible.repeat for all 4 holes.insert 4 x M3 long enough screws through the X5 Hook into the compartment the X5 inner plate over the screws and using 4 x M3 Nuts tighten until t pinches the foam on both sides

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Uploaded 12/2/2014

This work is licensed under the Redpah License.

X5 Inner Plate.STL 37 KB
X5 Hook.STL 93 KB
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